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Creating quality family fun by engaging children and adults through one-on-one entertainment including; face paint, traditional games, balloons…

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Rina Jean Bindi – Professional Children’s Entertainer

Rina Jean Bindi is a Loveland, ...

Kids’ Birthday Party Entertainment | Serving Loveland, Windsor, Fort Collins, CO

Princess Parties, Superhero Parties, Face Painting, Balloon Twisting, Airbrush Tattoos, Magician

My passion for entertaining was stumbled upon while on a spiritual retreat. I found that while I was playing games with a group of kids, nothing else in the world mattered. I wasn’t thinking about bills, relationships, or any other problems in life. All that mattered was the happiness of those children.

Once I realized I could do what I love, which is spreading joy to even the shiest child in the group, and get paid at the same time… My career as an entertainer had begun! I am able to provide quality, family, entertainment, increasing everyone’s level of fun one party at a time! After being in business for only a year I realized there are so many additionally talented people in Fort Collins, Windsor, Loveland area that enjoy face painting, balloon twisting, and entertaining in general, I started picking up awesome locals who find just as much joy in this industry as I do! I expanded RJ’s Amazing Entertainment in 2014 adding in several team members who love to create and play with children, teens, and adults alike. We have grown so much over the last few years.

My local party entertainment company has expanded so rapidly to include princess parties, superhero parties, face painting, airbrush tattoos and now a magician due to the local demand for the best birthday party entertainment! We have quickly become a one stop shop for event coordinators, malls, administrative party planners, and mom’s alike due to the wide variety of entertainment being located in a one spot local online shop.

This career is one that brings joy to everyone involved from the kids we entertain, to the happy parents capturing these precious lifetime moments.

If you want more info or help planning your upcoming event we cater to crowds in excess of 50,000 to as little as 1! Fill out an inquiry form so we can help customize your one of a kind party today!


Balloon Twisting

Does each child get to take home a balloon?

Yes of course! Each child gets to have a toy balloon that he can play with and take home. Choose from elephants, dinosaurs, and more fun creations.

Face Painting

My kid hates getting their face painted, but it’s so cute! Can you do it anyway?

We don’t want to force anything upon any child, but not to worry. We have a way in showing kids how fun it is to have cool face paint. Children will definitely love the styles and colors! They will be getting cute animal, superhero and other face painting in no time! Check out Amazing Face Painting Ideas for Children.

How do I remove face paint?

You can safely remove face paint by using soap and water. Once you finish washing, there may be other streaks and spots that might remain. Then you can remove them by using makeup remover. For more ways to remove face paint, check out How to Safely and Successfully Remove Face Paint

My event is huge. How can I get the most faces painted for my money?

For big events with lots of guests, you can go for airbrush face painting tattoos or “rapid tats.” These fun stenciled small-cheek drawings can be completed at an average of 25-40 per hour. Check out Face Painting and Airbrush Tattoos.

Game Master

What kind of interactive games do you perform?

Our Game Masters know how to keep the energy of the party moving with a variety of fun games. We got Sack Races, Hula Hoop Competition, Balloon Toss, Tug-of War, 3-legged Races, Relay Races, Wheel-barrel Races, Parachute Games, Musical Hulas, and a whole lot more! Check out Games for Kids.


How soon should I book you? My party is this weekend!

We’d prefer customers to book a few months or weeks in advance so that we can schedule and make sure entertainers are available for your event. But in tight cases, you can still submit a request form and we can check if we can meet the event requirement on short notice.

Can I get a quote? What do you need to know about my party?

We would like to know your name, what kind of party and services you want, and other key info. You can accomplish this by filling up a form on our Book Now page and we will definitely get back to you!

Can I change my event time and/or date after completion of booking?

We strongly discourage that because the event is already set and the entertainers are ready and waiting. Changes could cause some conflict. However, if it’s really important, then please notify us promptly through phone or email preferably weeks in advance so we can adjust.

Do you perform on weekdays?

Yes! Please remember we have a limited number of team members available on weekdays and often need extra time to set these types of events up.

Do you need me to provide a table or anything?

Yes! If at all possible, this is a huge help! We will sometimes bring our own chairs for comfort. Providing these items prevents us from injuring ourselves and any uncomfortable and excessive lifting. If you’re unable to provide these items, let us know and we can make arrangements to bring our own.

How much space do you need?

It varies on the type of entertainment. If it’s a princess party, it could take place in your home garden, the backyard, or perhaps indoors. If it’s face painting at a festival, it can occur at a booth under a canopy.