Face Painting and Airbrush Tattoos

Face Painting and Airbrush Tattoos for Kids : Number One Party Pick!

Face painting and airbrush tattoos for kids is a hands-down favorite for parties in Loveland, Fort Collins, Windsor, and surrounding Front Range Areas. Kids love to have their cheeks and arms painted with the colors and designs they pick all on their own. Combine that with zany balloons shaped like hats, swords with belt holsters, wrist corsages, or tons of animal shapes — and you’ll have great party entertainment for kids of all ages! All of our face painting and airbrush tattoo artists arrive in a blue uniformed shirt to identify us as the entertainment for your party or event.

Cheetah Face Painting and airbrush tattoos for kids in Fort Collins Co kidsufnpartyideas.com

Cheetah Face Painting

Performers can do either hand-painted face painting or airbrush tattoos that work with a variety of stencils and paint sprayed from an airbrush. Due to the different set-up requirements for each service, we do request you select either the hand-painting or airbrush tattoos for your face painting option. Any paint used during our events is non-toxic, non acrylic, water washable, professional cosmetic grade, and dries quickly and completely.

What we provide:

FREE HAND FACE PAINTER -(traditional brush and paint set up)

Free hand face painters provide professional cosmetic grade face paints, cosmetic grade glitter,  glance sheets, and sanitizers for our brushes and water. Glance sheets are a sheet of paper covered in pictures for the kids to choose paintings from or get ideas from. We are always happy to paint special requests, especially when you provide us with a photo. 

Free Hand Face Painting (traditional style)

Free Hand Face Painting (traditional)

Free Hand face Paint Princess Design

Free Hand Face Paint Design

 AIRBRUSH FACE PAINT TATOO ARTISTS -(airbrush face paint kit with stencils)

Airbrush artists provide everything that is needed, including a small sheet of designs or large poster board, depending on the size of your party and what your event goals are.

***Please note: Unlike most companies, our airbrush face paint tattoos come off the same day!*** We use FDA approved liquid face paints that are washable and wipe off that night. Same day removal of product makes us a favorite for schools, malls, and large venues.

Please call us for more details on how we can customize the stencils and designs used for your party.

Airbrush face paint tattoos Fort Collins

Airbrush Face Paint Tattoo Artist

Airbrush face paint cheek art

Airbrush Face Paint Tattoos -Cheek Art

Holiday Themed Airbrush Tattoos:

We also have holiday themed airbrush tattoos! These can range from candy canes, Santa Claus, holly, ginger bread men, and other Christmas themed tattoos.  


For Halloween we supply bats, cats, owls, skeletons, spiders, and several more creepily fun designs! Expect bunnies, eggs and chicks for Easter! Have a holiday or themed event coming up and want special designs created? You can call RJ to have themed stencil logos made or discuss if what you want done is possible. We will gladly create what you want, usually at very little cost.

Not sure what you want? Here are some details to help you choose what’s best for your child or event. Book this service for your next party today!

Face Painting and Airbrush Tattoos for kids

Face Painting and Airbrush tattoos for kids in Fort Collins

Kitty cat face painting using airbrush tattoo kit

Airbrush Face Painting Tattoos

• “Rapid Tats” or airbrush face paint tattoos are best for larger groups

• Performers create a fun design the child can choose from the sample board

• Tattoos can be completed at an average rate of 25-40 per hour. 

Face Painting and Airbrush tattoos for kids in Fort Collins

SpiderMan free hand face painting




Free Hand Face Painting

• Best for groups of 12 or smaller (per hour)

• Takes 4 to 10 minutes for a full-face painting

• Ideal for events with multiple performers