Exquisite Henna Tattoo

There are some people who love skin art but often veer away from getting a permanent tattoo. There are different reasons for this and a notable solution as well. Skin artists suggest an exquisite henna tattoo as an alternative. Henna tattoo designs are available in different variations and are often tattooed on the skin during festivals or certain occasions.

Henna, or in other words, Mehndi is a type of temporary tattoo art that is very common in Middle Eastern and South Asian countries. Exquisite henna tattoos usually last for approximately two weeks. Henna artists use a syringe or a special tube to ink delicate designs and complex patterns on the hands, feet, or any part of the body.

Here are some great henna tattoo ideas that both men and women might find interesting and aesthetically pleasing:

Floral Henna Tattoo Design

Exquisite Henna TattooThis is one of the most popular exquisite henna tattoo designs that skin artists often apply on the skin. You can usually find floral henna tattoo designs on brides, or the ladies. Flowers symbolize beauty, happiness, joy, and love. Flower henna tattoo designs can be inked on any part of your body, but these designs are usually found on the hands, the back, and on the face.

White Henna Tattoo Designs

Exquisite Henna TattooYou can also make an exquisite henna tattoo look more elegant and one of a kind by applying white henna tattoo. The white finish gives it a shiny glow that looks like a silver accessory. Did you know that the position of a henna tattoo bears a certain meaning to different cultural beliefs? For example, when your henna tattoo is placed on top of the hands, it suggests a protective meaning and often includes shield designs.

Additionally, a tattoo on the feet has a more spiritual meaning as they connect the body, mind, and the spirit to the earth. Men usually place their henna tattoo on their right hand as it is considered protective while women on their left hand. Exquisite henna tattoo designs in white ink can highlight the tattoo on your skin making it more noticeable.

Hand Henna Tattoo Designs

Exquisite Henna TattooThe easiest body parts that henna tattoo artists can ink on are the hands and the upper back part because they are accessible, visible and mobile (which means they can change positions without too much effort). Most exquisite henna tattoo designs are readily available for the hands. These designs vary from one artist to another and they can be simple which would only cover a small part of the hands, or complex which would include varying patterns.

Blossomed flowers design is one of the preferred hand henna tattoos. Blossoming flowers are great to look at, but most people may also choose to add flower buds to the pattern. Flower buds signify a start of a new life, and they can also mean fertility and joy. These types of exquisite henna tattoos on the hands can be great for expecting mothers and brides.

Simple Henna Tattoo Designs

Exquisite Henna TattooYou can also design your own exquisite henna tattoo. It can be anything you can think of; there is no limit to your imagination. You can have the design as simple as a flower, or as complex as a web. There is also a variation of the sun henna tattoo designs. The sun represents a new beginning, and is also considered as the ultimate source of energy. In Indian culture, it stands for knowledge, eternal love, immortality and resurgence.

The elephant henna tattoo is also a simple design that you can put either on your hand or on your feet. Elephants are beautiful and divine creatures, and symbolize wisdom and royal power.

Complex Henna Tattoo Designs

Exquisite Henna TattooThere are also several complex but exquisite henna tattoo designs such as the Sahasrara (crown chakra) henna tattoo design. This one is a complex design that is made up of different patterns, lines and symbols. The tattoo resembles a Sahasrara, or the crown chakra. A Sahasrara is an ancient symbol that is believed to have the power to unite the soul with a divine sense of force. The placement of this exquisite henna tattoo design also makes this tattoo even more beautiful.

Henna tattoos can be placed anywhere on the body but they are more popularly found on the hands and on the feet because of the meanings of these two body parts. Floral henna tattoo designs can also be placed on the feet. You can have the exquisite henna tattoo design start from your lower foot, and extend it to your upper leg, and then the pattern can do a vine pattern on your foot. However, there are also henna tattoos that can be placed on certain body parts like the lower back. This is popular during summer holidays when girls wear their bikinis and show a bit of skin.

Among the complex henna tattoo designs also include the dream catcher design. Dream catchers are popular not only because of their beautiful and intricate pattern but also because of their meaning. Dream catchers are known to protect you from bad dreams or nightmares.

Henna Fish Tattoo Designs and White Heart Henna

Exquisite Henna TattooAdmittedly, there are different designs of exquisite henna tattoo and fishes are one of those. Combined with floral patterns, fish patterns are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. However, henna tattoo designs that use fish patterns are not easily spotted because they are usually shaped like the eyes. Fishes symbolize a woman’s eyes. Although they aren’t as popular as peacocks, and flowers, they do have their own distinct symbolism.

Modern designs are also popular for henna tattoos nowadays. By mixing ancient patterns and modern elements in your tattoos like white henna, and hearts, you will be able to achieve a design that you will fall for.

Elegant Henna Tattoo Designs

Exquisite Henna TattooMost people also design their henna tattoos based on the accessories that they use or wear. This can make the henna tattoo even more elegant. Exquisite henna tattoo designs can be even more appealing with pieces of jewellery to enhance the look. Another elegant tattoo design that you can ink on your skin is the rose design. A rose is one of the most popular flowers that symbolize love.

The rose is usually coupled with more flowers, with petals usually shaped into that of a maze. This particular design can also be drawn on the shoulders.

Where to Put the Exquisite Henna Tattoo Designs?

When you decide to get a henna tattoo, you can have it inked anywhere you like.

Henna Tattoos on the Feet

Exquisite Henna TattooA henna tattoo on the feet usually means that you are grounded and in tune with the earth. People also worry that they might not be able to do their usual activities like wearing socks whenever they put the exquisite henna tattoo design on their feet. Once you get a henna tattoo, there is obviously an extra care needed to be done to ascertain its longevity on your side. One way of preserving henna tattoos is by washing the area with soap not very often.

Henna Tattoos on the Hands

Exquisite henna tattoo designs can also be applied on the hands. There are different patterns that can be applied on the hands. Most of these patterns include floral patterns, fish patterns, sun pattern, and the elephant pattern. Henna tattoos on hands can be paired with bracelets and hand accessories. It’s an ideal way to enhance its intricate pattern and will make it look even more elegant. Henna tattoos on the hand are also more visible which makes people appreciate them more.

Henna Tattoos on the Shoulders

Dream catchers can be very good henna tattoos on the shoulders. Their complex patterns can be very eye catching. Another pattern that can be put on the shoulders can also be the Sahasrara or the crown chakra. These exquisite henna tattoo designs also come with different meanings.

Henna Tattoos on the Back

Exquisite Henna TattooSummer is the most popular season for henna tattoos. During summer, you can see many people with their exquisite henna tattoo designs on the back. The designs usually vary – ranging from vines, to exquisite patterns like dream catchers, vine plants, as well as fish patterns. Most people also prefer the chandelier design which can go all the way to the back. The fish design is also another pattern that is inked on the back.

Henna Tattoos on the Face

Henna tattoos can also be placed on the face. Most exquisite henna tattoo designs on the face include small designs like butterflies, flowers, and hearts. There are also people who choose a design that would paint a larger part of their face. Others would also opt to have their necks painted as well.

Henna Tattoos on Other Parts of the Body

You can put exquisite henna tattoos basically anywhere on your body. People also have henna tattoos on their bellies, the lower part of their chests, under their arms, and even on the lower part of their legs.

Henna and the Different Cultures and their Meanings

Exquisite Henna TattooHenna tattoos are very popular and they have different meanings for different cultures.

In Indian culture, henna tattoos play a vital role in marriage. The night before a marriage ceremony begins; a Henna ceremony is organized to celebrate the fertility of a woman to be married. Hindus believed that henna tattoos bring happiness, joy and even good luck. They draw various patterns on the bride for the bridal ceremony.

Henna tattoos are also used in Egypt which can be attributed during the ancient times. It is used on various body parts such as finger nails, the hair, and the body.

In other parts of the world, henna tattoos are also used for facial paints and war tattoos, such as that of the Maori culture. Exquisite henna tattoo designs were also present on rulers and priests in the ancient times, dating back to ancient Egypt. It was said that Cleopatra used henna dye to adorn her body with ink art and Egyptians also use it to paint the nails of mummies before they were buried.

Different Types of Henna

There are different types of henna dye. Most of them are:

Black Henna Powder

It is sometimes referred to as “kali mehndi” or “piko”. It is the type of henna powder that has been mixed with transdermal toxin, p-paraphenylenediamine or PPD and is mainly used for hair dye. Black henna is offered in tourist destinations such as Mexico, Brazil, Costa Rica, and other beach locations.

Organic Henna Powder

Some henna tattoo artists also use organic henna powder that is made from henna leaves that has been used ever since. This type of henna powder has a natural herbal colorant that is not harmful to the skin.

Black Natural Henna Tattoo Powder

Other artists also use organic black henna tattoo powder which gives the dye its black color. It comes in the cone, and mostly used during marriage, Eid al-Fitr, and other festivals. This type of dye also gives the best color for tattoos.

Orange Henna Tattoo Powder

Exquisite Henna TattooThis is the most natural henna color that a henna dye will produce. This is often referred to as real henna. Real henna needs to be left on the skin for several hours in order to achieve a great color.

The stain, as it usually does, starts out as being orange and then oxidizes into a reddish brown tone over 48 hours. When the exquisite henna tattoo is inked on the feet, or the palms, it usually appears to be in nearly black color. However, if you shine a light on to the art, you will see that it is actually a rich brown or red color. The darkness of the stain will depend on the location of the tattoo – the hands and the feet will always have a darker stain while there is a fainter stain on the torso or the other body part.

Henna tattoos are popular nowadays because it is not permanent, and most people choose it over permanent tattoos because it does not hurt when applying it.

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