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Whether it’s your child’s birthday party, or a holiday party for all the kids in the neighborhood, one thing is for sure; party games for kids are a must! Parties bring out the wild and fun side of a child, so activities to keep them entertained and active, will create a fun party experience for any child! Explore amazing party games for kids that will keep any aged child entertained and having a great time!

Speaking of any age, it’s important the party games are specifically planned for the age group attending the party. This means that not only do you have to figure out which games won’t be too challenging for your 3 year-old, but also deciding which games will keep your 12 year-old engaged in the games without any eye-rolling! Party games for kids can be made easy with this simple guide to find games and activities catered toward a specific age group, because while games should always be fun, sometimes the planning is a lot of work! Check out games that will leave your party-goers begging for more.

Party Games for Toddlers

When you host a Toddler party, you don’t have to pigeon hole your entire party into finger-paint and ball pits! Toddler parties can have fun, interactive, and entertaining games for the 2-3 year-old’s, as well as the go to activities for your 5-6 year-old’s. The key is to have many different options that will keep your growing tots having a great time with party games.

One of the best ways to save money while still making sure the kids have a great time, is to choose games that need few materials or materials you can find around your house. Food dye, bubbles and white printer paper are three household items that makes a great toddler activity! Simply add a few drops from different colored food dye into bubble containers and let the kids blow different colors onto sheets of paper to make bubble-art masterpieces. Every toddler loves their favorite toy car; before the party, instruct the guests to bring theirs to the party. Using butcher paper and markers, cut out and draw a race track and tape it to the floor. The party-goers will have a blast racing their favorite car on their very own life-size race track! To get the toddlers up and moving, check out this re-designed dice game! This DIY project lets you create your own activities for the party-goers, all the children have to do is roll the dice and see where the game takes them. It might be giving their neighbor a high-five, doing jumping jacks, dancing their favorite jig or anything you can come up with! Make sure adults are nearby to help players with directions that can’t be communicated through pictures or icons!

pinata by younghouselove is a cool way to get toddlers up and moving! Party games for kids made easy!

This pinata by younghouselove is a cool way to get toddlers up and moving!

Need an excuse for another DIY project? Check out the DIY pull-pinata project that will really get the kids excited! Of course a bat or stick would be hard for toddlers to handle, and a little dangerous. That’s why this pull-pinata is a great idea! Simply use your paper mache skills to make this great DIY project, and then send the kids to work collecting candy or prizes inside! To make this pinata more about the game rather than the candy inside, put different colored blocks or toys and instruct the kids to pick up only their favorite color. This way the toddlers aren’t getting overly-sugared up but still are interacting with each other and having a great time!

With all these activities, toddlers are bound to get a little tired! Make sure to have calming activities scattered between highly exciting and stimulating activities. Some such calming activities may include; sitting and having a snack or having a storybook read. This will be really helpful to avoid an overtired toddler after the party! Aside from these party game ideas for kids, there are always the old and faithful games to rely on that bring a smile to a party-goer’s face every time. For toddlers, go to party games like Simon says, parachute games, freeze tag and I spy will still be entertaining without the hassle of giving directions or setting up game pieces. Overall, toddlers will love any party game that is not frustrating, has lots of colors, and keeps them up and moving!

Party Games for kids Ages 5-6

Post-toddlers are just as exciting as having a toddler learning the world for the first time. They are newly at school and expanding their mind and imagination. This means every little thing is exciting for them but it also means they are engaging in many more activities which calls for more interactive party games!

Nothing says interactive like engaging in their hand and eye coordination while still having a blast! This party game for kids has a classic twist on stacking blocks while using items found at your local grocery store. Give each child five apples, and have them stack them on top of each other. The curvy shape of the apples and the children’s tiny hands makes this game just challenging enough. The first person to stack all five wins! Bonus: this game goes along great with a festive fall theme. Another game that only uses supplies from the grocery store is a silly pasta pick-up game. All you’ll need are a few pieces of uncooked penne pasta sprinkles on the edge of a table and some uncooked spaghetti noodles. Have each player place a piece of spaghetti in his or her mouth and try to pick up the penne pasta!

This party game for kids from bashcorner is fun for ages 5-7!

This game from bashcorner is fun for ages 5-7!

This next game gets each child equally involved and the best part is that everyone is a winner! This treasure hunt pass game lets the children practice counting while also incorporates music and ends with a treat! Take small gifts like a piece of candy, fun sticker, whistle or other party favors found at the dollar store or a party store and wrap them with tissue paper. Label each one with a number while having a card with corresponding numbers. Add a few cards to the deck that say “keep playing” or “change directions.” To start the game, play music and have the children pass around a small object (a ball would work great). When you stop the music, the child with the ball gets to take a card. If he or she gets a number, they get to pick the corresponding gift! If they get a card with a direction they simply play on until they get a gift.

Party Games for kids Ages 7-9

Seven through nine years old is a great age group for party games! They are just starting to get into sports and  outdoor activities, so don’t be surprised if your eight-year-old wants a party at the park to play soccer or another active sport!

Print of this scavenger hunt from thebirdfeednyc for your outdoor party!

Print of this scavenger hunt from thebirdfeednyc for your outdoor party!

Sticking to some awesomely active games, a scavenger hunt is a great idea. This game can be played around the house or at an outdoor venue with items that for sure can be found. This dress-up relay race is a hoot and requires little supplies! Pick out two men’s large shirts and pants, then divide the group into two teams. Have the first person in line put on the large clothes and immediately take the outfit off. The player then passes it to the next player in line; the first line to finish wins! A mummy wrap game is just as fun with equally few supplies. Give each group of three children two rolls of toilet paper and have two of the team mates wrap the third completely from head to toe. Again, the fastest team with total coverage wins! Bonus: for a princess theme party call it a princess dress wrap game.

If your party is indoors and you don’t have as much space, take advantage of the old classic games like charades, telephone, or your favorite board games!

Party Games for kids Ages 10-12

Surprise birthday cake is a great way to get kids involved in the decorating process!

Surprise birthday cake is a great way to get kids involved in the decorating process!

Party games for kids aged 10-12 is all about silliness! Bring out the sillies in every party-goer with group games that don’t have too many directions to follow, along with but at the same time provide enough structure for an entertaining game. What’s better to start the party off with than a little surprise birthday cake! Start with a sheet cake that lacks any decoration and cut it into as many pieces as there are party goers. Next, hand out each slice to each kid and instruct them not to eat it quite yet! Supply icing, sprinkles, and small cake toppers like wax balloons, animals, or any other figure. Let the kids go crazy with decorating and collect all the slices back. While the children are busy with another game, put the cake back together again and reveal the masterpiece later during the party! These next party games for kids come from and feature classic games that will get the kids laughing throughout the party. Chubby bunny and human knot are both games that require little supplies. For chubby bunny have a bowl full of marshmallows, then instruct the kids to go around in a circle and have each player fit as many marshmallows in their mouth before they can no longer say “chubby bunny.” This game is a hoot! The human knot only requires each player to put both hands in the middle of the circle and grab on to two different people, from there they must try and untangle themselves from this human knot mess! These games will for sure put a smile on all of the party goers faces.

For some serious fun for ages 10-12, RJ’s Amazing Entertainment will provide a Battle Zone Nerf War for your party! Nerf blasters, soft darts and a referee are all provided. Contact booking for more information on getting your child’s party in on this great party entertainment!

Game Master for kids

This party called for a super hero Game Master!

This party called for a super hero Game Master!

With all these party game options, it might seem overwhelming to gather all the supplies, plan times to start the games, and then facilitate them while also acting as the referee to judge the winner! Of course being a party host requires a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming! With RJ’s Amazing Entertainment, the Game Master has all the answers. Game Master is just what it sounds like, an expert on all things party games that will help you entertain the kids without all the hassle. RJ’s Amazing Entertainment has all the answers when it comes to which games will entertain the party-goers while still keeping you, the host, happy.

 Elves for parties

Having a holiday-themed party? Santa’s favorite elf can be your Game Master!

So what exactly does hiring the Game Master entail? The Game Master will show up before the party with all the supplies your party will need in hand. While traditional party games like sack races, Tug-of-War, 3-legged races, relays, and more are always a great way to entertain kids. RJ’s Amazing Entertainment can offer more! Kids love Hula Hooping, especially the musical kind. The Game Master can facilitate a Hula Hoop competition or maybe a game of musical Hula, a new rendition on musical chairs. Oh and don’t forget about parachute games and wheelbarrow races! The best part about the Game Master, is not the games, but the extra help that he or she can provide. While you host the guests, making sure the snacks are well-stocked, entertaining any lingering parents, or cleaning up after the little ones, the Game Master can make sure all the party-game needs are met! This means facilitating the different games, keeps the attention of all the party-goers and making sure each child feels equally included in the game. Last but not least, the Game Master can referee all the games so you don’t have to worry about juggling too many roles. He or she can even arrive in a referee costume, or match your theme, like dressing up as Santa’s elf for your holiday party! If the Game Master sounds like the right option for your party, contact RJ’s Amazing Entertainment for booking.

Bonus: Holiday Themed Party Games for kids!

party games for kids

Nothing says the holidays like decorating the tree!

Having a holiday party for your kids? These great party game ideas for kids will definitely get them in the holiday spirit while also entertaining them! Check out a great list for holiday-themed games like DIY snow ball fights, decorate the tree, pin the nose on Rudolf, and a candy cane hunt. Holiday parties can be made easy with these themed kids party games. This party would go great with RJ’s Amazing Entertainment Elves! Contact booking to have Santa’s Elves at your next party to entertain the kids and participate in these party games for kids.

Now that all your games are planned out, the rest is easy! Have a great time playing these party games with your kids or make your life a little easier with RJ’s Amazing Entertainment. Either way, Happy Partying!

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